Mimer Improves The Real-Time Capabilities

Mimer Information Technology today announces that the company improves the Mimer SQL’s real-time capabilities. With Mimer SQL Real-Time it is possible to share real-time data and non-real time data at run-time using one single database manager. This opens up a new field in industrial application development, where efficient and predictable real-time data access can be seamlessly combined with administrative databases. 

Mimer SQL Real-Time is a predictable, scalable and zero maintenance database management system with hard deterministic real-time guarantees. Mimer SQL Real-Time is intended for both critical real-time embedded systems as well as for applications that require high performance data management.

With unrivalled performance and hard real-time predictability, Mimer SQL Real-Time manages all your application data, such as sensor/actuator data, logs, trends, parameters, and administrative data in one data storage. Data can be accessed in real-time using our unique Mimer SQL Real-Time API. Administrative data access of all data (including real-time data) can be performed using any standard SQL interface.

The real-time kernel support advanced aggregation of real-time values. Thus it is easy to create a history of what has happened in the real-time environment. This can be focused on critical events and/or be a log for maintenance analysis etc. The aggregated values are stored in Mimer SQL so a transition from hard real-time to soft real-time takes place during the aggregation. The functionality is built so that aggregation can be added to an existing system and does not affect how sensors/actuators interact with the system.

Mimer SQL Real-Time is especially targeting automotive, process automation, robotics, military applications, and medical/health-care systems.

By using Mimer SQL Real-Time, our customers and partners can be sure that all critical systems and applications will perform predictably, even at peak-load conditions.

For more information about Mimer SQL Real-Time, please contact BGS

OpenVMS X86 Proof Point Update


Proof Point 17


VSI VMS X86 XDELTA Debugger [SYSTEM_DEBUG], XEWO, Dec 17 2018 19:02:11

Brk 0 at FFFF8300.10200756

FFFF8300.10200756!retq ;P
%EXECINIT-S-CIAO, transferring to the scheduler
%SWAPPER-I-SHUFFLE, executing SWAPPER initialization code
%SWAPPER-I-POOL, initializing paged pool
%SWAPPER-I-INIT, calling initialization routines
%SWAPPER-I-RSDM, joining system resource domain
%SWAPPER-I-P1, initializing SWAPPER P1 cells
%SWAPPER-I-PAGED, paged system initialization
%SWAPPER-I-HASH, creating the logical name hash tables
%SWAPPER-I-DEFINE, defining the system logical names
%SWAPPER-I-CREPRC, creating the SYSINIT process

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Syncsort Advances Big Iron to Big Data Leadership with Acquisition of EView Technology


Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, today announced it has acquired EView Technology, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based provider of software for integrating mainframe and IBM i data into leading enterprise IT management platforms, including ServiceNow.

The acquired products and expertise build on Syncsort’s leadership in the growing Big Iron to Big Data market, expanding the number of next-generation platforms Ironstream™ delivers critical mainframe and IBM i data to for advanced analytics. In addition to Splunk and the Elastic Stack, Ironstream™ will now be able to seamlessly integrate this data with ServiceNow® Discovery, Microsoft System Center and Micro Focus Operations Manager.

“A high priority for data-driven organizations is the ability to quickly extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere to empower more informed business decisions,” said Josh Rogers, CEO, Syncsort. “The acquisition of EView strengthens and extends the reach of our Ironstream family of products, making data from traditional systems readily available to more of the key management platforms our customers depend on for those insights.”

In addition, EView's enterprise-proven Intelligent Agent Technology will bolster Syncsort’s ability to offer organizations more options in integrating different data sources with advanced management platforms for a more comprehensive view.

Syncsort's Ironstream is part of the Syncsort Integrate family of products. it is the industry’s leading solution for forwarding critical security and operational machine data from mainframes and IBM i servers. This enables the data to be streamed and correlated with data from the rest of the enterprise within Splunk and other Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions.

About Syncsort

Syncsort is the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software. We organize data everywhere to keep the world working – the same data that powers machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. We use our decades of experience so that more than 7,000 customers, including 84 of the Fortune 100, can quickly extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere. Our products provide a simple way to optimize, assure, integrate, and advance data, helping to solve for the present and prepare for the future. Learn more at syncsort.com.

BGS starts partnership with GripMatix


BGS has started a partnership with GripMatrix, a software vendor who develops SCOM Management Packs for Citrix, MetrixInsight for CVAD

MetrixInsight for CVAD is a Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) designed to monitor your on-premise Server Based Computing (SBC) and/or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform based on Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.x (formally known as XenDesktop and/or XenApp).

This Management Pack visualizes your platform within a single pane of glass to monitor the essential parts of your virtualized End User Computing platform.