Solutions for OpenVMS and Windows

 Compact Data Works specializes in providing extremely fast software solutions for backup, disaster recovery, file transfer, and storage applications. Highly optimized data compression techniques are used to minimize the amount of I/O and file storage. The resulting speed is truly amazing and accounts for why these products are running on thousands of OpenVMS computers around the world.

OpenVMS Solutions

  • Disk to Disk Backup

  • Remote and Network Backup

  • Remote Disk Duplication

  • Disaster recovery

  • File TransferSelf-expanding File

Using Windows to see OpenVMS

  • See OpenVMS from a Windows perspective

  • View multiple disks and systems at the same time

  • Read OpenVMS tapes on Windows tape drive

  • Copy files between OpenVMS and Windows

  • Control and monitor VMS queues

Using OpenVMS and Windows Together

  • Backup OpenVMS disks to Windows

  • File Transfer OpenVMS to Windows

  • Store OpenVMS BACKUP Tapes on Windows disk

  • Archive OpenVMS files on Windows

  • Store OpenVMS files on Windows


Backup OpenVMS to Windows:

Extreme Fast Backup OpenVMS: