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The market leader in delivering critical notifications and alerts

Whether it’s emergency situations that threaten public safety or business continuity, or routine organizational messages, our solutions provide organizations across the globe with tools to communicate quickly and securely.


Powerful, Flexible, Reliable Notifications and Alerts

Businesses of all sizes, operating both globally and domestically, have more-and-more complicated operations and mobile employees than ever before. This makes the need for tools where companies can quickly define key audiences, develop clear messages or reusable templates, and distribute information securely to any device at any time, critical to operating efficiently and effectively.

MIR3 from OnSolve makes it easy to send important mass notifications or alerts to any number of people at once, allowing for immediate, individual responses with an automatic audit trail. For many of the world’s largest brands, MIR3 has become invaluable for providing notifications when man-made or natural disasters occur, key segments of the supply chain are interrupted, product recalls are required, IT systems are unavailable, and much more.

The solution is used by people in departments ranging from Business Continuity, IT, and Security to Compliance, Operations, and HR. Businesses and educational institutions of all sizes rely on the system for mass notifications, emergency management, IT alerting, and facilities updates to keep overall business operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Effective Notification: More Than Just One-way Alerts

For critical events and other business use cases, one-way communication doesn’t provide the collaboration and emergency management capabilities companies need. MIR3 gives recipients the ability to respond in a variety of ways, providing critical information when decision makers and other stakeholders need it most. The solution automatically tracks message delivery and responses as they occur, helping users decide when to share more information, adjust the recipient group, initiate a conference call with key stakeholders, and more.