All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Business Generating Software B.V is a software and services company who delivers state of the art enterprise software solutions. Our focus is around monitoring software which extends standard solutions like Microsoft’s SCOM and Microfocus Operations Manager to databases, virtualization platforms and VDI implementations.

Another area we focus on is the legendary OpenVMS operating system. After HPE stopped supporting and developing this OS a new company stood up to deliver new versions of OpenVMS. VMS Software Inc. (VSI) is the new developer of OpenVMS and a new version for X86 is to be released soon.

 BGS is an important partner of VSI and we are proud to be member of the VSI Professional Services Alliance.

Our consultants bring in an enormous amount of knowledge and skills on the solutions we support. Also we have a network of implementation and reselling partners. BGS is located in the Netherlands and we cover projects all around Europe.



What We've Achieved

  • Introduced VEEAM in the Dutch market.

  • We organize regularly the Dutch OpenVMS events.

  • We have a great network of senior consultants.

  • We extend standard monitoring platform with IBM connectivity

  • Extended Citrix monitoring in SCOM environments.

  • We successfully started projects for VDI real time monitoring.

  • We train EMEA wide OpenVMS customers.

  • We have started to implement Cloud solutions for monitoring, emulation and application integration.